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While MMM 2024 will be broadcast online for registered participants, the conference will primarily be an onsite event. In particular, presenting authors of all oral presentations are expected to attend the conference on location. Posters will be presented in hybrid onsite/online sessions, so virtual poster presentations will be possible.

Matrix ONE and LAB42

The main venue will be at Matrix ONE. Matrix ONE is an innovation center in the heart of science for new and established companies; from startups and scale-ups to spin-ins and major organizations. It is a hyper-modern and exceptionally sustainable innovation building, fully tailored to facilitate meetings and interaction and situated in the heart of the campus. Among other things, Matrix ONE will house SustainaLab; an inspirational meeting place developed by the University of Amsterdam for researchers, businesses and governments to work together on the future of our planet and the restoration of natural cycles. The unique combination of state-of-the-art offices and laboratories, an expansive and open social area and the presence of SustainaLab will make Matrix ONE the perfect environment for tech companies with a scientific and sustainable profile.

Other activities will be at the LAB42 building. LAB42 is an international hub for knowledge and talent development in digital innovation and AI. It brings together academics, entrepreneurs, businesses and researchers to work on addressing the challenges of the future. LAB42 offers a home to students, researchers from the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) and the University of Amsterdams Informatics Institute, and companies that can rent offices or flex desks in the building. By combining academia, business and cutting-edge research under one roof, LAB42 creates a vibrant community whose members exchange ideas and knowledge to create tech innovations and put them into practice.

(Note: texts here were taken and modified from the Matrix ONE and LAB42 building websites.)

Science Park

Science Park in Amsterdam is a vibrant hub of science, technology and innovation, and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) plays an essential role in this. Located on the eastern edge of Amsterdam, Science Park offers an inspiring environment where scientists, students and companies come together to work on cutting-edge research and groundbreaking developments. The UvA, as one of the leading educational and research institutions within the park, contributes to this dynamic.

The research done at UvA Science Park includes groundbreaking studies in the fields of artificial intelligence, quantum physics, sustainability, health sciences and more. Through state-of-the-art laboratories, facilities and partnerships with other institutions and companies, the UvA offers a fertile ground for intellectual exchange and progress.

UvA students at Science Park benefit from a vibrant academic environment where research-driven education is the norm. They have access to the latest knowledge and technologies, and the opportunity to get involved in world-class research projects, which enriches their academic experience and prepares them for future challenges. In addition, Science Park functions as a breeding ground for innovative start-ups and companies that arise from research at the UvA. This creates valuable synergy between academic research and the commercial world, transforming ideas into tangible applications and products that impact society.


Amsterdam is a place of many inspiring and surprising faces. No other city mixes cosmopolitan style and relaxed atmosphere quite like Amsterdam, where our hospitable nature attracts an excitingly diverse population. We invite you to join us and make our metropolis your own during your stay. Amsterdam is an ideal conference destination, hosting hundreds of world-class congresses, conventions, events and trade fairs each year. Offering quality facilities, venues and service providers, the city is a favorite for meeting planners and delegates alike and, as such, is the proud host of numerous innovative conventions.

There is a lot to experience for visitors: Amsterdam is packed with cultural, historical and architectural delights - from museums and attractions to restaurants, cafes, shopping, and nightlife. The city's cultural scene is bustling, ensuring visitors can have both a memorable meeting and great experiences after business hours. Home to some of the world's most acclaimed works of art, with more canals than Venice, more bridges than Paris and nearly 7000 monumental buildings, our compact floating city offers a variety of historical and cultural treasures. It is no wonder Amsterdam's historic canal ring has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

(Note: texts here were taken and modified from this website.)

Information about traveling to the venue can be found on Matrix ONE's website. From the Schiphol airport, it is easy to get to Amsterdam or the venue (the Science Park station) by train, as the train station is located on the bottom floor of the airport lobby. If you stay in a hotel in Amsterdam, you can go to the venue in many different ways. Transport in Amsterdam is straight-forward and convenient, whether it is by taxi, train, tram, metro, bus, ferry, bike or on foot. So journeys are short, pleasant, and enlightening. For trains, you can use the NS train offical website (or their app) to plan routes and buy tickets. Alternatively, you can also use the ticket machine to buy paper tickets at train stations. If you prefer to travel by taxi, you can use the Uber app to plan the route, call taxi drivers, and pay the cost using online payment methods. At train stations, you can rent bikes, and the Netherlands has decent bike lane planning for very nice biking experiences.

(Note: texts here were taken and modified from this website.)

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